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Lonzino from Angel's Salumi, with pickled mexican sour gherkin

Lonzino from Angel’s Salumi, with pickled mexican sour gherkin

Since last August, I have had my share of Angel’s Salumi’s lonzino.

For me, it is that first bite of hot pizza after coming down from Mt. Whitney, the first sip of ice cold Martini after a 14-hour day. Lonzino is about the essence of a pork. The closest flavor comparison is probably prosciutto. Not Parma, but San Daniele because of its hint of sweetness. Definitely not La Quercia which in my opinion, is always over-salted.

Prosciutto is the leg, and Pascal’s lonzino is loin, Berkshire loin, as in ‘Bond, James Bond”. Loin is naturally lean therefore you don’t get that oily aftertaste of prosciutto. Along side other fatty salumi, lonzino, in my opinion, makes a much better addition to a balanced charcuterie platter.

The color is a brilliant rose and I will be amazed if Pascal didn’t put any pink salt in it, but then, I am never the one who’s hung up on that. Every bite the wave of umami surges. So immensely savory that one wants to swoosh it in the mouth like a good Bordeaux. That savory lightning also reminds one of Jamon Iberico.

Towards the end the heat from black pepper strikes, which feels like a ‘renewal’. The only sensible thing to so is to take a another sip of wine and go back for more.

The past 2 nights we had it with Marcel Lapierre‘s 2010 Beaujolais, also with Lopez Heredia‘s 2001 Vina Tondonia reserva. They went brilliantly.

Not only in the palate, also in the level of devotion to the ingredients and the pride to their craft, the makers all share.


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