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My very first taste of caviar was in the first class cabin of China Airlines from Taipei to SFO. Also the first time I flew solo to begin my ‘western schooling’ in America.

I remembered it being the foulest thing I ever tasted.

To be completely open and honest about that particular journey, I was also the country mouse who brought a freaking alarm clock in the carry-on. What was I thinking?! So I wouldn’t oversleep and miss my stop? The alarm went off during the flight of course, although judging from the gentle and nonchalant reminder of the flight attendant, I probably was not the first Taiwanese who did that.

I digressed. My point is: Anyone who had the sound mind of taking an alarm clock onto a flight, her opinion on anything should not be entirely trusted, if at all.

Fast forward 1,000 years, Sastri introduced me to caviar again. Blini, chopped shallot, crème fraiche, minced egg, 1995 Bollinger Grand Année and all. It was glorious.

Thanks to Alexander’s Steakhouse and my former role as the restaurant liaison for Full Circle Farm, I had a chance encounter with the sales representative from San Francisco Specialty Food. Our parking lot cash dealing started with one winter black truffle from Tasmania and now, Sacramento-delta raised white sturgeon roe which he branded as California osetra.

I wonder if he sells fresh goose foie gras too.


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