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I miss long and elaborate meals.

Most days I cook 2 meals. Each meal, I prepare two versions. One that’s wine-friendly since I have to drink. One for Hayden who hates smelly cheeses that I adore and practically only eats pizza and pasta.

When we go out, it’s ‘family restaurant’, which means at its best, the food is prepared as well as I could, if I didn’t have a demanding 4-year-old.

I miss long and elaborate meals.

 Last time I braved a local Michelin starred restaurant with Hayden for lunch, I ended up running out with him kicking and screaming because they didn’t have free WiFi for his iPad while I was told they would.

Instead of the much-needed password to their secure WiFi, my waitress kept coming back with “Would you like Still or Sparkling water?”, or “Have you decided what you to eat?”

By all means, please do not deviate from your script for my sake.

Completely clueless that we were in the presence of a restless volcano who was about to erupt if she didn’t get that WiFi password back ASAP, and thoroughly ignorant that if the child was not happy, the Mom would not get to eat, to drink, or to think.

I ended up canceling my order which I had never done before in any restaurant, and ran!

First time trying prepped raw ingredients from Whole Foods, time-server that I used to violently object when I had time to cook.

Escargot is excellent and the mini crab cakes are very nice too. Pankoed fish, not so much.

I miss long and elaborate meals.

As prepared by Whole Food's seafood department


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