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Vermont, Sonoma, France, and Point Reyes

Butter makes the world better (so is bacon and anchovy).

Continuing with my quest for the best tasting butter, I did another tasting today, and this time among the farm crew at Full Circle Farm.

Unlike my 1st tasting, I have some pretty impressive line-up this time:

  1. Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery of Vermont: Cultured Butter with sea salt. A whopping 86% butterfat.
  2. Vella Cheese Company of Sonoma: Bear Flag brand that I purchased at the farm store at Green String Farm, Petaluma. Green String is a place pretty much like Full Circle.
  3. McClelland’s Dairy of Sonoma: Organic from grass fed cows.
  4. Pamplie, Extra Fine Butter with Fleur de Sel from Ile de Ré: The only French AOC butter in my line-up, from the region of Poitou-Charentes.
  5. Straus Family Creamery from Point Reyes: European Style Lightly Salted Butter, 85% butterfat.


My house eating-butter, Straus, for whatever reason, tasted waxy and was the least favorite among us. Pamplie which everyone likes, also is the saltiest. Since salt triggers the brain to release dopamine and endorphin (the ‘pleasure hormone’), which may have contributed to its winning status.

Here is the tallied vote from most favored to least: Pamplie, Bear Flag Brand, Vermont, McClelland’s, and finally Straus.

Thanks Wes, for being the math genius among us.


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