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Wild Boar double chop

In my previous life as an internet consultant, I certainly had my shares of free food from clients.

However, never ever had any of them toss me a pack of vacuum-sealed frozen wild boar chops, yet to be cooked.

This morning, when Chef Maurice generously shared with me a sample from his game purveyor, the guy looked at me and the 3 boxes of fresh produce I just delivered for Full Circle Farm, quite suspiciously: “You are not a vegetarian, are you?”

Not by a long shot.

By any measure, the chops belong to Rose, our farm manager. But just so happened, sitting in my frig at home, I have 2 pieces of center-cut bone-in all-natural pork chops that I plan to cook tonight.

I really want a side-by-side taste comparison.

Until today, I think I only had wild boar as sausages for whatever reason. These are surprisingly small-boned, looking just like lamb chops. I pre-salt both cuts a few hours ahead, and stud in the meat crushed juniper berries. They are roasted on the stove with pan juice as the sauce.

Regular pork chop vs. Wild boar chop

First of all, Wild boar definitely is not white meat. It looks like red meat and it tastes like red meat.

Even though the wild boar were frozen and the regular chops were fresh, for both taste and texture, the wild one wins hands-down.

It is like comparing New York Strip versus Ribeye. One is lean and mild; the other is full-flavored and rich.

So Chef, get the wild boar. But hopefully, it can be sourced locally.


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