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Padrón vs. Shishito (right), uncooked

Ever read you can substitute padrón with Japanese shishito peppers? There are two problems with that proposition.

First, shishito is not any easier to find. It is like suggesting substituting asparagus with fiddlehead. Second, they may look similar but taste-wise, quite different.

As a padrón lover, I am biased. But in this particular side-by-side tasting, shishito has a tougher and thicker skin. So to start, the mouthfeel pales by comparison.

Like padrón, shishito is thin-walled. Its thicker skin results in a lower flesh ratio, which produces a rawer taste. More like green bell peppers, instead of the sweet, mild flavor of padrón.

But it is not hot, so it is toddler friendly.

It is ridiculous to declare shishito the loser because I have eaten it once.

Fried Shishito and Padrón

It could be that Pinnacle Farm  where I got my shishito from in Cupertino Farmers Market, let them stay on the plants too long therefore they are older and tougher. For this tasting, I actually hand-picked the padrón from Full Circle Farm.


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