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Scottish Mule

August 29/30, 2010 ((part of Cocktail Chronicle)

My Mom categorizes all foods into Hot, Cold, or Neutral. It is not about temperature but about their ‘property’. ‘Cold feet’ during the winter months? Eat ginger, a major ’Hot’ food. Problem with breakout? Try green mung bean (‘Cold’) soup and stay away from all nuts (’Hot‘). The philosophy is to eat ‘neutral’ or combine “hot’ and ‘cold’ foods together so they become ‘neutral’.

She would’ve approved 2 drinks on Clock Bar‘s cocktail menu. Both are gin based and both utilize ginger in the form of ginger beer. Scottish Mule pairs it with cucumber while Ginger Rogers with mint, both ’Cold’ foods.

Interesting AND, ‘balanced’ according to Mom. Why didn’t I think of that? Time to bring out the flasks.

If you think I didn’t try omitting the soda altogether by just muddling cucumber and ginger root together, I did. But guess what, ginger beer, or at least Reed’s , has additional flavors that really add complexity. Not to mention the effervescence makes the drink pop.

By now, you probably have guessed that I have never been to Clock Bar. I just read their menu off the net. Until I recover from my recent experience at A16, any eating/drinking pilgrimage will have to limit to within 25 mile radius from Sunnyvale.

Inspired by the ingredients of Scottish Mule on Clock Bar’s cocktail menu (Makes 1):

  • 2 oz gin
  • 3” English cucumber, cut into several pieces
  • Half a lime, cut into 2 wedges
  • 0.1 oz ~ 0.2 oz simple syrup (personal taste)
  • 1 oz Reed’s ginger beer


  1. Muddle cucumber and lime wedges in a shaker. Squeeze the lime to fully release its juice then take them out.
  2. Add gin, simple syrup and put away the shaker in the frig until serving time.
  3. Before serving, strain through a fine sieve. Press hard to get all the juices out.
  4. Put a couple of ice in a glass. Pour the liqueur mixture into the glass and top it off with 1 oz ginger beer.

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