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Shot in the Dark

August 27/28, 2010 ((part of Cocktail Chronicle)

I normally don’t bother with recipes that call for soda or seltzer.  I prefer feeling as well as tasting the liqueurs. I tried to stay open-minded and made a couple of drinks with teas. None changed my mind.

Untill now.

The picture in MIXSHAKESTIR for Shot in the Dark is gorgeous: Two layers of light and dark rum with a crown of jewel-like raw sugar. The Girl in me sighs with ooo’s and ahhh’s while the Mom in me frowns: “à la minute?!”

Then there is that “4 oz ginger beer”, in 1 drink?

So it needs a little tinkering.

I use turbinado at hand instead of raw sugar. I do away with the lemon juice and muddle lemon peels instead. Without the lemon juice, I happily toss out the syrup. I half the amount of ginger beer and chill the light rum mixture for several hours so I don’t shake it with ice. Yes. I am THAT paranoid with diluted drinks.

What I end up with is basically lemon-infused light rum with ginger beer and dark rum.

What I first notice is the nose. The aroma of caramel from both the turbinado sugar and Goslings dark rum is heady. Right behind it, the lemon and the ginger slowly surface. After a sip, yes, they are all there. Even with the soda, I taste it all.

Dilution, within reason, can be a beautiful thing.

Inspired by Shot in the Dark in MIXSHAKESTIR (Makes 2):

  • 3 oz light rum
  • 5 ~ 6 strips of lemon peels
  • Turbinado sugar for the rim
  • 1 small lemon wedge
  • 4 oz Reed’s ginger beer, well chilled
  • ½ ~ 1 oz dark rum (I prefer Goslings Black Seal vs. Meyers)


  1. Muddle lemon peels with the light rum in a shaker. Set aside in the frig for a couple of hours.
  2. Wet rims of 2 narrow glasses with the lemon wedge. Dip in sugar. Chill.
  3. Before serving, drop 2 pieces of ice in each glass. Divide the infused rum evenly. For each glass, pour 2 oz of ginger beer, and use the back of a spoon, pour ¼ ~ ½ oz of the dark rum to have it float on top.

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