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Is A16  worth sixty dollars of babysitter, two and a half hours of traffic, and less than an hour with my fork?

Or rather, is it worth the self discovery that I now, would rather be eating leisurely, than eating well?

But I did eat well at A16.

Roasted Friarelli

Dressed with anchovy and chili oil, Friarelli is quite different from Padrón both in flavor and texture: Less crunch, not as peppery, but a little sweeter.

The Calabrian chili oil that the chef raved about in his book is actually not very hot, but indeed full of chili flavor.

Anchovy adds depth as always, a masterful touch.

Domestic Berkshire and Parma

Tasting between a domestic prosiutto by La Quercia of Iowa and the imported Prosiutto di Parma.

The domestic berkshire is drier, deeper in color and definitely saltier.

Personally, I still prefer Parma’s sweet tenderness. In cured meats, I feel I taste more with less salt.

If only they added San Daniell in the line-up as well …

Pork Chop with sour cherries and hazalnuts.

The chop is definitely a restaurant cut meaning the surrounding fat is left on.

Along the handle is actually part of the belly. A bite there means the interlaced fat and meat plus a bonus golden crust. Crunchy, meltingly tender, big porky flavor all at the same time. I pat myself on the shoulder for ordering well.

The sour cherry pairing is brilliant.

Lamb Kabob with pickled fennels

Pitch perfect lamb: Tender and juicy is all one is asking and one gets at A16.


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  1. This was Shalese’s birthday dinner. Birthday lunch was 2 weeks ago at Sushi Sam in San Mateo. Hopefully she will post a blog entry about that too! We got the A16 cookbook last year for Christmas and have been making recipes from it the past 8 months. It was fun to try the chef’s recipes for a change…

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  1. […] that I have never been to Clock Bar. I just read their menu off the net. Until I recover from my recent experience at A16, any eating/drinking pilgrimage will have to limit to within 25 mile radius from […]

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