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Poached egg

No sight is prettier than breaking open a pocket of tender giggly white and watching the brilliantly colored yolk slowly sip out … like lava on rocks.  

Here are a few tips:  

  • Vinegar. Acidity lowers the temperature when the white sets. Therefore it sets faster which minimizes the ‘stringy’ effect. I put in about 3 tbsp of distilled vinegar for 6 cups of water.
  • Calm water. If your water is boiling, swirling, whatever, it disturbs the white as you drop it in and you get lots of the stray strands. Have the water boiling, then turn it down to low. As soon as the water stops moving, gently drop the egg. You do want the water to remain as hot as possible without movement because the white firms up more quickly.
  • Less water. The longer the distance the egg has to travel to the bottom of the pot, the more disturbed the white gets. I put in no more than 2.5 inches of water.
  • It’s an Egg, not an A-bomb. Low drop.
  • Go wide. A wide pot allows you to dish out one egg comfortably without touching the remaining ones.
  • Do your mise en place. 10 seconds is a lifetime in poaching eggs. Before you drop the egg, line a plate with paper towel. Ladle ready by the stove. Salad plated or bread toasted in the oven. As soon as the egg is to your liking, dish it out onto the paper towel and tap it dry gently.


Either simply on a piece of bread, or fry up some bacon with Full Circle Farm’s Frisée. The yolk sips into the frisée and becomes part of the dressing.  

I make my dressing with Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, oil, salt and pepper to taste. Any recipe you find on-line will do.


One Comment

  1. This is very helpful! My poached eggs have tasted okay but they’ve been very unpleasing to the eye… I will definitely try your two pointers about waiting for the calm water and using a wider pot.

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