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Hens pecking away at Full Circle Farm

I LOVE eggs, and I love them soft, very soft. That requires good eggs, very good ones.

Every time I see eggs that are labeled “Organic Vegetarian Diet”, I roll my eyes. Since when chickens became vegetarians? Organic or not, if they are not allowed to fully express their ‘chicken-ness‘, you get eggs with pale yellow yolk and nondescript flavor.

Like Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farm, NY said: ‘The key is pastured eggs’. Chickens that have space to roam, and natural diet (worms, grubs, garden scraps) produce eggs with soul-satisfying ‘eggy’ flavor and yolk of that gorgeously deep, orange color.

One of my most memorable egg experiences was in a restaurant in Gubbio, Italy’s Umbria region. The dish is simple: One duck egg, poached, drizzled with truffle oil and freshly shaved truffle on top. Giggly, aromatic, along side a piece of grilled bread. Enough said.

I have tried eggs from local farmer’s markets such as Mountain View and Sunnyvale. The quality is inconsistent. Sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you can’t tell them apart from the mass-produced, supermarket varieties. The best eggs (that’s until I discovered Full Circle Farm) I have tried is from the Devil’s Gulch Ranch north of the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s160 miles round trip. The guilt.
Then what do you know? Barely one mile from my house, is the Full Circle Farm. 20 hens as of now, and the eggs they produce fit every criteria of goodness.

I would like to share meals, recipes, ideas inspired by the produce at Full Circle Farm, MY local farm.


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