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Here are eggs from 3 different sources:

  • Clover Organic, Cage Free extra large brown eggs, which you can get from any supermarket
  • Full Circle Farm
  • A family in Saratoga (8 miles from Sunnyvale) who raises hens in their backyard.


Judging from the looks ….


Saratoga backyard versus Full Circle Farm

The color of the Saratoga’s yolk is actually more intense than the one from Full Circle Farm. The lady told me she just started adding flax seeds to their diet.

Full Circle Farm versus Clover organic

 I wonder what Clover feeds their chickens. ‘Organic’ paper?



Judging from the taste …

We had them poached with frisee salad and lardons.

For me and my husband at least,  Full Circle Farm wins hands down. It is the ‘eggy’-ist. It gets us to ‘woo-and-ah’. Saratoga, not quite. Don’t think we taste much difference from the Clover.

I will have no problem picking out Full Circle’s egg in a blind tasting.

However, my sister did the same test (the same night no less). Her and her family of 3 think the backyard eggs taste the most intense.

Rematch between Saratoga and Full Circle then.

Clover is good for eggwash.


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